How to scale object to an exact scale

Is there a way to scale an object to exactly 1.500?

Hi @seraphin_bouchard
Run the Scale command, pick the base point and then enter 1.5 when the prompt asks for the scale factor should do it. As simple as can be.

hi @seraphin_bouchard , in case you mean scaling to an exact volume, I just uploaded a plugin called SetVolume to the package manager run _PackageManager (TestPackageManager in Rhino 6) and look for SetVolume

Thank you, will give it a go

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The solution is to convert the scale into its decimal form, choose scale 3D, click once and enter the scale factor. You were right with the process but the scale factoor would be 0,002 in this case.

I only have rhino 5 atm so am unable to use this!

I might be able to compile it as a v5 plugin, but no time right now to figure that out.