Is it possible to import a block instance with its weight data attached?

I made a library of objects (single 3dm file with lots of block instances in it) I’m using regularly on models I’ve been building and I’m wondering if it’s possible so assign weight data to every single block instance separately and when I import those blocks to another file, weight and material datas will also come along with the blocks. When I was using Rhino 5 and V1, I tried doing it but I could only import the blocks without any weight data attached to them so I had to assign the weights every time by myself which was very time consuming. So I’m wondering if it’s possible now with Rhino 6 and V2?

Thanks in advance.

Hello, if you have a block that includes an object with weight properties (e.g., a point), when that file is read in the weight data remains (this is in Rhino 6 with Orca3D V2). I’m not sure exactly what your workflow is, but you can test it with an evaluation license for Orca3D. Just download the software from our website, and when you install it you can activate a 15 day trial. Let me know if you have any trouble with the process, at

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