Is it possible to create a shortcut "button" for tolerance?

Good morning,
Can anyone tell me if it’s possible to create a shortcut “button” for tolerance?
Change the value with the left mouse button, and return to the original value with the right mouse button…
If yes, what is the way to do it?

You can create a button by right clicking somewhere here:

Use the following commands for the left mouse button:


Pause will ask you to enter a value. For the right mouse button, instead of Pause you just enter the value you want to reset the absolute tolerance to. In my case 0.001

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thanks so much!!!

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i agree with Martins solution.
I think all options have to be with underscore to work properly in a non-english language - see also Creating Macros [McNeel Wiki]
so instead of Enter it has to becom _Enter …ad so on…

But i mainly wanted to point out:
Changing Tolerance back and for while modelling is a very bad habit. There might be some really rare scenarios where an advanced user might use it.

… just if others read this topic.

@leandro.arquivos3d why do you need changing tolerance that often ?