Program Shortcut for 'Match' Command


I wonder if it is possible to create an Alias or something else to create a keyboard shortcut for the ‘Match’ command in the properties window when an object is selected.

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-MatchProperties Pause Pause Enter should do what you looking for

Thanks Sam,

Unfortunately on my machine the pause button is in an inconvenient position (also it initiates the hide command). Do you know if it is possible to create a macro or the like to make MatchProperties customized?

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Hmm- not sure what you mean… what Sam posted is a macro-

-MatchProperties Pause Pause Enter 

try Copy/Paste of that to Rhino’s command line - does it do what you need?


Thanks Pascal,

Yes it works when pasted in the command bar, and now it works as well on the keyboard as there was an error with the enter button on the numeric keypad. Is it possible to create a simpler shortcut? It is rather hard to reach the pause button on my machine. I have experience with aliases but not with macros.

Thank you in advance.

I’m confused - what is the Pause button? I would simply assign the macro to an alias in Options > Aliases…


You can create an Alias in Rhino and add this macro to it under Options > Aliases btw.

The Pause in the macro is necessary because it gives you control over which objects to select. There’s no way around that I think, since Rhino can’t guess which object in your scene you want to match to which other object.

Sorry for my late response. Works like a charm thanks to you both! :smile:

I missed a match button too, thank you.

Is there a way to do this for material only and for the mapping? I would like to set to the right mouse click on this button for this two.


Hi Micha- there are two commands involved - this might almost work- otherwise a script…

! _-MatchProperties Pause Pause Name=Yes  Layer=Yes 
 DisplayColor=Yes  Linetype=Yes  PrintColor=Yes  
PrintWidth=No  Hyperlink=No   CustomMesh=No   
CastsShadows=No   ReceivesShadows=No   
SurfaceIsocurveDensity=No   Material=Yes 
Enter SelPrev
MatchMapping Pause Pause Enter


Hi Pascal,

the button script ask me for the source object again, if it try to match the mapping. Looks like it’s not possible with this list of commands only.


Not sure it’s okay to reply to a 5-year-old post, but I was looking for the same thing today. Unless there’s a new way to do this, what Pascal suggested works fine for me. I set up his macro with “MM” alias only for material matching (everything “No”, and “Yes” only for Material)

Thank you, Pascal.