Use mouse to input number instead of keyboard

Hi, is there a method where you use your mouse to input number in command line? you use your mouse instead of the keyboard number?

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Of course the cheaper solution might be on-screen keyboard, that Win10 has embedded.

Hi Ivelin,

Thank you for your answer (and the picture). I have not think of that. But aside from that is there a way inside Rhino that this can be achieved.

3d connexion devices have a pop-up menu for bringing a numerical keyboard window for use with the regular mouse.

Create a toolbar button with a macro 5\. Clicking the button enters 5 to the command line and stops there for further input. This feature can be used to create a toolbar that works like an on-screen numeric keypad. read more…
Here is a simple toolbar you can add to you Rhino like this:
NumPad.rui (14.8 KB)


Placing 3 times space before the character in the text field will reposition it to the center of the button.

Thank you for all the help. Especially for Mahdiyar. I already use what you give me.

I would also add the following buttons: -, ", /, Enter
The minus is commonly used for entering negative numbers.
The inch symbol is useful for entering Imperial units for those who usually work with Metric system, i.e. most of the World.
The divide symbol is used for when you need to divide a number to 2 or any other number. A classic example is when you want to Scale 1D a line or surface and snap to its center, then enter a value and divide it by 2.
The Enter button is self-explanatory.

Hi Mahdiyar,

I use what you give me but is there a toolbar like the one your post with the signs. Just like B Design Bg2 say in his post it will be really helpful.



Hi to all,

I have tried to add signs on the number pad toolbar in macro and it works. I learned something today. Thank you.