Creating custom button for Scale 1:1

I recently upgraded my machine to R5 and in the process lost the custom button I’d created that allowed me to scale drawings 1:1 in the layout page before saving the jpg.

I’ve found some tutorials on making buttons- but does anyone out there have the code
for the 1:1 part? Maybe there’s a specific tutorial that goes through the whole process?

Or maybe I’ve just missed an existing button? It seems like it’s something that would come pre-programed.


Hi Kathy - If you mean Zoom 1To1, you need to first run


then Zoom 1to1 should work- is that what you meant?


Hi Pascal,
No it’s not about calibrating. It’s about making sure that the drawing I’m printing an image of prints to scale. I only use it in the Detail tabs when I am saving an image that I want to later print or edit in photoshop.

It was a button that I created- I can still access it in R4 and I have it in my toolbar in 5 on my other computer. It just didn’t carry over to this machine when I opened an existing file.

I had called tech support and they walked me through it the first time- i’ll probably have to do the same thing again. Was hoping that I could save them the bother.


Can you shift+right click on the button in V4, copy the contents out and paste it here?

Also if you can copy it out of V4, you can create a new button in V5 and paste it in there…


Hi Mitch-
the shift+right click brought me to the Edit Toolbar Button menu.
the left mouse buton command is
!_detail scale 1 1

I’m guessing I can use the same info to add it into R5?
But I’m not sure how to create the button- hunting around in the edit and tools drop downs.
would be grateful for some further direction

Hi again Mitch-
With your pointer I managed to figure it out.
Copied a button- edited the text and bit map.
works great.

thanks so much!