Tolerance script

Does anyone have a script that easily allows quick tolerance changes, for example especially when Make2D is being executed.
Going the long way into “options” to change it back and forth is tedious, with too many mouse clicks when hurrying for class.


Hi MS,

This macro will set tolerance to 0.05 (change the number as you like)

_-DocumentProperties Units AbsoluteTolerance 0.05 _Enter _Enter

You can assign it to a button or alias.


Hi Michael - a macro will do this -

! _-DocumentProperties _Units _AbsoluteTolerance
.01 _EnterEnd _Make2d _Pause _Pause _Pause
_-DocumentProperties _Units _AbsoluteTolerance .001 _EnterEnd

for instance.


Thank you both. Macros! (bopping forehead) I made a copy of a button, left for one tolerance, right for another. Swift and easy! Thanks again for the lesson.