Is it possible to "automatically" make a curve Boolean and use it in GH?

Hi everyone,

Is it possible changing…

By using “Curve Boolean” but without manually selecting the regions?

If Curve Boolean can’t do it, does someone knows a script that can?
I think that it should be theoretically possible for Rhino to work it out automatically.

I am asking here since what i’m looking for is to get this working in GH eventually if possible.

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Roy Z.

Perhaps this works for you. (10.8 KB)

Note, I made this with Grasshopper in Rhino WIP. I hope it works ok in v5, too.

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I think this will not keep the inner regions seperate. I used GH booleans for breps (surfaces) from the curves, then created the borders from the breps:


In Rhino, you can call PlanarSrf on the curves, then testPlanarUnion, which is a test command so will not auto-complete, then DupBorder. testPlanarUnion uses the low level CurveBoolean code.

In Rhino you can also PlanarSrf to create surfaces from the curves, then BooleanUnion to create a single polysurface, then DupBorder to extract the border curve of the single polysurface. Difference from @chuck suggestion is BooleanUnion rather than testPlanarUnion.

If you use BooleanUnion, make sure results from PlanarSrf are all pointing the same way.

Thank you everyone! I am looking into your suggestions :slight_smile:

Clipper plugin has useful component, PolyBoolean . (12.8 KB)