Wish: true curve booleans for grasshopper

curveBoolean in Rhino is a fantastic command.
I wish we had it accessible as a grasshopper component.

I did search for alternative solutions, and the best I found is Heteroptera’s GeometricRegions.

For certain cases this still doesn’t give the desired result though as illustrated below.
It is not possible to “RegionUnion” the output.

Doing it in Rhino with curveBooleans only takes a split second.

If there are any other suggestions to solving this particular problem I am happy to hear :slight_smile:
crvBooleanRiddle.gh (7.9 KB)

thank you,

crvBooleanRiddle.gh (15.5 KB)

  private void RunScript(List<Curve> C, List<Point3d> P, bool Combine, ref object R)
    Rhino.Geometry.CurveBooleanRegions reg = Rhino.Geometry.Curve.CreateBooleanRegions(C, Plane.WorldXY, Combine, this.RhinoDocument.ModelAbsoluteTolerance);
    R = reg.RegionCurves(0);

P input, points are not used here … you can tweak this a bit to obtain the common Rhino usability…

Hi Riccardo,

This looks amazing!!
Thank you.

I am out of office and will report back when I can try it out.


thanks again.

works great. I played with reactivating the P value in the script and I now understand that P is not needed in this case, because it does not require a “click/point” outside of the input curves to find the outermost boundary, like in Rhino.

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