How can I CreateBooleanUnion from Polycurve?

How can I get curve boolean union to work in ghpython with polycurves?

Simple script that works in C#, but not in python.

. (17.2 KB)

Rhino.Geometry.PolyCurve.CreateBooleanUnion() only accepts Curves in python.

import Rhino.Geometry as rg
region = rg.PolyCurve.CreateBooleanUnion(C,0.01)

This works in C#

region = Curve.CreateBooleanUnion(C, 0.01);

right click on the C input of the Python component, and choose List Access :+1:

Thank you! Such an obvious mistake…

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I did the same like twice a day for 3 months in a row :smiley: