Is it a waste of time to report Rhino bugs?


In the past Pascal Golay (or another McNeel&Ass employee) verified user bug reports and posted them in This policy changed a few month ago. There is no response to some user bug reports. Perhaps the new policy means that some bugs will not be fixed in foreseeable future. It would be good idea to ask the users about their priorities. Is fixing bugs higher priority for them than new features?

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In response to the topic title: no, it is not a waste of time.

Bugs are logged, triaged and fixed all the time.

Here are the publicly visible items. There is much more than meets the eye…


There has been no policy change. Bugs are reported and put into the tracking system every day - at least one just this morning… Generally the link is posted here but not always.

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I assume Nathan is referring to the fact that a lot bug reports are mcneel-eyes-only. Whenever a bug report contains client contact details or data, we make the entry hidden to the general public.

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Sometimes I experience not getting answers (not common though). I try to bump them every now and then but it doesn’t always work. Or maybe things get written down internally but I have no clue about it. I’ll take the opportunity to bring up a few topics I remembered without replies from anybody at McNeel:

Some of these might have been solved already, some might have never been noticed. Who knows?
There’s also things being brought up & get a reply but then just seem to get forgotten…


Yep! I have several posts that did not even get the “someone from McNeel edited the post” Notification.

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Replied to most of them.


Kelvin filed this bug 6 years ago:
The bug has not been fixed yet.

I have reported these bugs 3 days ago: Rhino 6.9 - big problems with big monitors
No response from McNeel&Ass yet. I guess I have to wait 6 years before complaining about it.


Oh… I wish that was true some times…