Is it a waste of time to report Rhino bugs?


This particular one will never be supported by non naval architects simply because they don’t even know what block coefficient is:

Does that mean it should be ignored?

Naval architects were the target core industrial designers when Rhino was developed. That said, I have no idea what a “block coefficient” is. My background is civil engineering and land surveying.
Perhaps provide a visible example of what you’re after, and describe the problem is would solve for you work-flow.

As far as short, efficient forum messaging is concerned, you can not control the tone people “hear” when they read it. Sarcasm, subtlety, and irony will generally be heard negatively. That said, I’m sure you know that.

As to the specific scripting post you made, I don’t know. I don’t do any scripting so I have removed that category from my feed.
I assume you tried searching the forum archives for comments?

I know that, and I am surprised why this is missing from there.

This kind of proves my point.

Suggestions should be added to the list not ignored just because they are not understood.

And Block coefficient is an essential thing for ship design no additional info or sketches should be required to be understood (by the developers who have developed a command called ‘hydrostatics’)

This is also acceptable answer:

I’m the only person at McNeel with formal Naval Architecture training and worked as an NA for a number of years. Other people in the company rely on me to help better understand what formulas like block coefficient mean and why it may be important.

Sorry, but I probably dropped the ball on this and didn’t file a report. The issue is that I try to help as much as possible on support, but I also need to type on and improve Rhino. These things just get past us once in a while. I would still recommend discourse for the medium to make suggestions instead of direct emails.

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Hi @stevebaer,

I don’t blame you, if it is just you who should take care of all Naval requests, but perhaps others could have just logged it in the list and assign it to you to approve/dismiss.

Do you know that you can create an account on our YouTrack system and log the issue yourself?

:slight_smile: I do have an account, but I don’t know if that’s allowed for me to make suggestions directly there.

Why wouldn’t it be allowed? Many other users are directly creating YT issues.


Well I have many ideas :crazy_face:
Good to know, thanks.

I tried to create an account on YouTrack to report an issue. I received the message:
License limit exceeded. The request cannot be completed.

It appears you have reached the maximum number of accounts you are allowed to have in YouTrack. I will have to file bug reports as forum postings and hope someone at McNeel notices the postings.

@will was going to try and go through our user list and deactivate accounts that have been sitting around for years with no usage. I’m not sure if that was done.

Thanks for the reminder :). I cleared out a few inactive accounts this morning so it should be possible to create an account on now.