Is an fbx file from photogrammetry ok for Rhino given my project plans?

I am probably going to end up using agisoft metashape, its output file is fbx, will that be ok with Rhino ?
I came across Context Capture which in a comparison review produces a superb resukt by comparison but also at $8500 for a year nuked my chance of even considering it !
I need to photo a distorted item then use Agisoft on the photos to generate a 3D mesh, then get the mesh into Rhino and create cross sections through it to then adjust them to the correct shape and construct the object using curve tools etc, skin it etc.

I see other free progs offer instead obj or ply, one has abc, would those be ok as well ?


Hi Steve,

Assuming the photo quality is good (focus, lighting, low noise), lots of picture with overlap, angle between pics approx 15 degrees (unless the object is more or less flat), and the surface has enough texture or detail to allow good image alignment the biggest challenge will be an accurate scaling.

Photogrammetry produces an arbitrary object size.

You need to capture reference in the photos that have distance that you can measure to the level of accuracy you need. This is best done with hard surface features, not graphics. I see many cases where people use scale bars or tape measures with printed graphics for the measurement; however, that forces the images to be used for the scaling, as either a texture map or vertex color, and then you get into the resolution issue (can the marks be seen clearly) and that limits the types of files you can use, and impacts the size of the file and how quickly it can be manipulated in the application.

If you can’t scale it accurately it doesn’t matter how good the results are.

I use Agisoft Metashape (formerly Photoscan) and export the results as a .obj file with associated .mtl and .jpg files for the texturing. I have previously used. .ply files as the export format from Metashape/Photoscan.

File formats which Rhino 6 will import are listed at I don’t see .fbx listed.

Cdordoni…My current test object is ideal with loads of surface texture etc.
However being a box section tube about 300mm long when I come to photograph the end areas it is unavoidable that the focus will deteriorate along the length, not aware of any lens except very wide angle that can have that sort of DoF,
I trust these progs understand thats going to happen !
I am unable to place a ruler etc in the scene, I will need to scale mesh afterwards to a known distance.

I am wondering if buying Agisoft Metashape will give me the best prog compared to AliceVision Meshroom, others that get good review are 3DF Zephyr and I also have come across Autodesk Recap (autodesk potentially good given their track record in CAD etc)
I have not seen a site declaring it as best of those mentioned.

A good comparison of same object review site is:-

and others are to be found here by a bit of careful browsing !

I wish though he also did a more technical shape and analysed it in Rhino etc or made the mesh available.

If Metashape can create obj theh thats ok, a table I saw of export file types only had fbx which concerned me a bit.


Hello. For some reason I have problems with the texture.
I have created a 3d model in other software with the texture applied to it. when I import the FBX file with the texture inside Rhino. It display really bad. I dont understand why.

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I have found some info and it looks like what I see in the rhino file its the vertex color and not the texture itself. I dont know how to change that or make the texture display. any help?

Hi, we need some more info.
What is the other program?
And it kind of looks like it downsampled the model on export.

Anyone use Agisoft Photoscan or metashape as now called to create mesh for Rhino?

I did solve the problem. When I exported the mesh I had vertex color on. And for some reason rhino didn’t read the texture. I turned off and now it read the textures