What photogrammetry software/plugins do you use?

What photogrammetry software or plug-ins are you all using? Is PhotoModeler the best right now?

I’ve used Autodesk Recap…but…

Photogrammetry isn’t something I use often so I’m not looking to invest in expensive tools at the moment. Any and all leads appreciated!

RealityCapture and Agisoft

EPFL LGG lab has a course - Mesh Processing, there they use free Agisoft educational license, which is free.


I use Metashape (formerly Photoscan) by Agisoft. https://www.agisoft.com/ I use the standard version which is $179 for a perpetual license with no annual fees and so far all upgrades have been free.

I formerly used PhotoModeler but switched to Photoscan/Metashape in 2012. I’ve investigated Photomodeler a few times since but have not seen any reason to switch back.

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