Is ambient Occlusion real?

I can see no difference between scene lighting and ambient occlusion in raytraced mode.



Raytraced doesn’t do ambient lighting as in view mode settings. Use scene lighting, and with Skylight turned on for GI.

If you don’t want diffuse bounces you set that in Tools » Options » Cycles

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why would I not want diffuse bounces? I don’t get the terminology. I do want a more typical ambient occlusion look. Do you think we will have that at some point?

There are some AO settings that Cycles has, but they aren’t hooked up. It can be done in the future, most likely earliest for V7 WIP.

I see amping up the number of diffuse balances starts to produce something similar.

Note that that controls amount of GI, not ambient occlussion (:

Right, a more illuminated look without adding a ton of lights. looks good!

Aye, you get a more illuminated look because light gets to bounce around more, thus reaching more places.

Glad it works for you.