IronPython.macrhi download link is broken

I just updated from 10.6 to 10.8 in order to use Rhino for Mac again, but when Rhino starts I see a message:

The RhinoDLR_Python plug-in is not compatible and will not be installed.

I thought I might try reinstalling IronPython, so I went to the page here and clicked the link to download IronPython but it appears to redirect to the main website instead of providing the download.

When I type RunPythonScript I see RunPythonScript not implemented. How can I get Rhino Python working again?

Thanks for reporting this. We recently did some server shifting and it look like perhaps that broke the link. I’ve just detailed it to the guys that can fix it.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Kyle,

Sorry about that - here’s the link that will get you the IronPython installer.

I’ll update the wiki now.

Everything works again, thank you very much!

It does not work now :"(

The download link was removed a long time ago. Python ships with Mac Rhino.

May I know how to do the transition from .rvb to .py?

It is hard to understand from the webpage it provided in the last comment

There is no exact recipe. You need a little experience in both languages (vb script and python) to understand what needs translation and how. You can then do a large amount of it with some global find-and-replace functions, then finish the rest “by hand” line by line. Of course, due to the larger variety of things you can do with Python, it is often more interesting to re-write the script to take better advantage of python’s capabilities, but that’s a different thing.


I see… Thanks a lot!