Mac OS Python

Greetings- I am trying to get started with a little Rhino/Python on Mac OS X.
It would seem that I need the RhinoCommon or some other interface (eg- the python imports) and, while the interface is documented well, I can’t seem to find where to download anything.

There are mentions like this on GitHub:

Start Rhino and run EditPythonScript or RunPythonScript. This will cause the python plug-in for Rhino to unpack the scripts defined in this project to your computer.

but those commands don’t exist on the Mac 5.0 version.

(NB- I am protanomalous (eg Red Colorblind), and all the red links -really- make it hard to find links on the Wiki, so I apologize in advance if I’m missing something simple here.)

EDIT- never mind, found what I needed at (the red links strike).

Something to note is that the latest Mac Rhino WIP now includes python. The separate installation (and the wiki page) will be removed soon.

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Very good to note- thank you! Having some success… so that’s a good start.