Python issue new install & macrhi file

Just trying to run scripts on a colleges computer. Just did a new install, well just dragged old one to trash, and installed new License key version 2014-10-15 and march from 14 July.

Scripts run fine for me but same script on her computer gives following error.

I am in the process of copying my MacPlugins folder onto her copy.

Any advice?


I’m confused about your description of how you installed. Did you install the latest version of Mac Rhino. If you did, you should not have to copy anything over from your MacPlugins folder since the latest version of Mac Rhino includes python.

I will explain instal, as best as possible.

  1. other college was working with OS X rhino from 14 Oct. She asked me about running a script I use to find silver weight of a closed poly surface. I gave her the dot march file (IronPython). She ran that then quit Rhino & then restarted and was getting an error similar to the one I sent. I was not with her for any of this.
  2. I saw the error, tried a few more scripts that I had given her, they all work fine for me. I opened her file on my computer and the scripts run fine. I then opened the same file and reran the same script and I got a similar error to the screenshot.
  3. I suggested trashing Rhino and reinstalling the license copy and a new IronPython I had from 14 July. She then got the same issue. and I sent screen shot to Discourse, aka here.

I was under the impression that Python was not included yet, soon but not yet, so I suggested to install the dot-macrhi file.
Should I use an app cleaner to delete the copy in her computer and start fresh without the dot.macrhi file?

Thanks, Randy

I sugested trashing her MacPlugins folder and using the one from my computer … my bad.

The macrhi is no longer available online since python is now included in the latest Mac Rhino. This still shouldn’t be a problem since I added code to deal with systems that already installed the older macrhi.

“No module named string” means that the python interpreter in Rhino is having problems finding the standard library. I was assuming that her Mac had python already installed at


Maybe that is not the case and I need to adjust my code.

I will check her machine tomorrow. It was the only thing I could think of, was that she didn’t have python installed on her mac.

Thanks … tomorrow


Good morning Steve, before my day gets up to speed, I have checked the other computer. Python seems to be installed.

First a Terminal check, then a hidden files Finder check.

What should i do now?

Thanks, Randy

@stevebaer Any ideas how I can fix this, Delete anything to do with Mcneel, plist files, Application support etc. ??
If the correct Python is on her machine, which it seem like it is, any ideas what I should do?

It seems very strange to me and I am not sure what to do.

Best Regards, Randy

@stevebaer , got it fixed. Followed the info on this site to upgrade OS X Python.

Her computer is running 10.8.5 and her Python version was 2.7.2, now 2.7.8 . I will be upgrading her computer to Yosemite at the end of this week.

Cheers, Randy