IronPython installation + Rhino 5 / Rhino 6 / Rhino WIP

Over the last few months, we received several reports about issues with independent IronPython installations (IIPI) and Rhino. IIPI are only installations of IronPython made via MSI files, and they appear in the Control Panel like this:

It is possible to install IronPython via folder decompression, and that has no impact on Rhino.

I installed both IronPython 2.7.5 and IronPython 2.7.7 final from the IronPython website and checked for compatibility with running the _EditPythonScript editor, and importing the os module.

Here are the results:

                              |   IronPython 2.7.5    |     IronPython 2.7.7

Rhinoceros 5 SR12 or SR13     |          OK           |   OK only with no GAC*
Rhinoceros WIP (31 Jan 2017)  |          OK           |           OK

*This is what the GAC options looks like, during installation:

If you need version 2.7.7, and need Rhinoceros 5 SR12 and 13 to run Python on the same system, you have a few options:

  • reinstall with disabled GAC installation.
  • uninstall IronPython.
  • switch to IronPython version 2.7.5, both with or without GAC.

@scottd, can you see that this information makes it to the dev docs site?

Hi @piac,

This is great!! Thank you for sharing it!
Would it be too much if I ask two questions?

  1. Have all Rhino 5 Service Releases since SR9 been shipped with IronPython 2.7.0 version?

  2. Do both 32 bit and 64 Service Releases come with the same IronPython version?
    For example, does Rhino 5 SR12 32bit and Rhino 5 SR12 64bit always come with the same IronPython 2.7.0 version? Or can it be that sometimes the 64 bit SR version comes with a bit newer IronPython version (2.7.x), unlike 32 bit one?

Thank you for the reply!

Both 32 and 64 bit versions of Rhino 5 use the same version of IronPython. We haven’t updated the library for a while so I highly doubt it has changed between SR9 and 12. My question is why do you care? Is it affecting something?

Thank you for the quick reply @stevebaer !

Does that mean that all 32 bit and 64 bit Service Releases since SR9 (SR9, 10, 11, 12, 13) all use the same IronPython 2.7.0?

While the jump from IronPython 2.7.0 to 2.7.5 has been introduced since Rhino WIP?

The answer is yes to both of those questions. We only upgraded the IronPython version that Rhino uses between V5 and V6. The IronPython DLLs ship with Rhino so you can inspect them yourself by looking at the contents of the Rhino folder in Program Files.

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Thank you Steve!
Sorry for not replying immediately to your question: “Is it affecting something?”

It does affect. The time.strptime function runs without a problem on 2.7.0, while users with 2.7.5 report a problem with it.
I do not want to go off topic in here, so should I open a new issue about this, or maybe even send it to IronPython mailing list (I know you are subscribed there)?

new topics are best for things like this since it is a bit off topic with this specific post

This became a support page listed here:

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Hi @piac,
I have this situation since yesterday.
I was using Rhino 6 and 5 with no problems regarding IronPython. Yesterday i wanted to check some file in R6 and i got a similar situation described here, and similar issues around there.
So what’s changed that may cause this problem? A couple of days ago i installed Revit2019.

Trying to follow the recommendations above i get into a new situation. When i try to install IP2.7.7 it get stopped saying that “A later version of IronPython 2.7.7 is already installed”, which i don’t have.
Checking in R5 i get that i have IP2.7.3, Checking in R6 i get that i have IP2.7.5.
In the control panel i see only IP2.7.3.
So I’m kind of stuck here not knowing what to do. I’m afraid that if i uninstall 2.7.3 i will not be able to work also in R5.
I’m asking for advice here and also if you have an idea how to check other IP versions i have. Looking on the Revit/Dynamo folder i see an IP dll file but can’t see the version.

Will appreciate your help.
Best regards,

Thanks @chanley!!
That worked. Uninstalled 2.7.3. Hopefully Dynamo will work with this version of IP.