IronPython version

Hi Steve,

Rhino is still shipping with IronPython 2.7.0, while the current stable release is 2.7.3. I found an old discussion on the old python forum where the question was already brought up. Are there any news concerning an eventual upgrade?



Hopefully we’ll be able to do this in service release 6 of Rhino; IronPython 2.7.4 is almost finalized and it has some nice tools that pythonistas could use. I need to chat with @brian about this since most of the pain involved is making sure that everything gets installed correctly.

Sounds good, thanks!

Lets do it. I’m sure we can make it work. 

Brian Gillespie

Sounds even better. I am looking forward to it!

Sorry, but it turns out we are not going to update the version of ironpython for SR6. This is a pretty large change and we don’t want to delay the release of SR6 for this.

I will definitely be using the latest version of ironpython for our initial release of the V6 WIP

No problem, thanks for keeping us posted!

Hi, if check for the following in the Ironpython editor in Rhino 5 (SR 10):

import sys
print sys.version_info

I get (2, 7, 0, ‘beta’, 0) back.

Is there a chance that this old ironpython version gets updated in Rhino through a SR soon? I needed to install 2.7.3 manually in order to run my scripts successfully. This becomes a problem as soon as I want to compile and share my script with other users.

@stevebaer, @brian Any updates on this one?


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I doubt we will do this in a V5 service release. It is a pretty significant change and we are trying to not add things to service releases that could potentially break existing functionality.


I just updated to IronPython version If I use EditPythonScript Rhino crashes! Is there a workaround other than using an older version of IronPython?


Not that we know of at the moment. Sorry

How do you update manualy to the latest IronPhyton version
thank you

@claudioarchi In Rhino WIP we updated versions for you. So you won’t need to deal with sudden crashes due to file inconsistency.

Thank you, But for a reason that I ignore, I was using HoneyBee and LadyBug pluings for GH and they did work properly in RH-5 but not on RH-6. I donwloaded the lastest version of IronPhyton (2.7.6) and now the plugin does work properly on RH-6


@claudioarchi Yes, independent installs of IronPython interfere with the version that is loaded by Rhino. Generally speaking, you will not need to install any of them.