IronPython version

(Hanno Stehling) #1

Hi Steve,

Rhino is still shipping with IronPython 2.7.0, while the current stable release is 2.7.3. I found an old discussion on the old python forum where the question was already brought up. Are there any news concerning an eventual upgrade?



(Steve Baer) #2

Hopefully we’ll be able to do this in service release 6 of Rhino; IronPython 2.7.4 is almost finalized and it has some nice tools that pythonistas could use. I need to chat with @brian about this since most of the pain involved is making sure that everything gets installed correctly.

(Hanno Stehling) #3

Sounds good, thanks!

(Brian Gillespie) #4

Lets do it. I’m sure we can make it work. 

Brian Gillespie

(Hanno Stehling) #5

Sounds even better. I am looking forward to it!

(Steve Baer) #6

Sorry, but it turns out we are not going to update the version of ironpython for SR6. This is a pretty large change and we don’t want to delay the release of SR6 for this.

I will definitely be using the latest version of ironpython for our initial release of the V6 WIP

(Hanno Stehling) #7

No problem, thanks for keeping us posted!


Hi, if check for the following in the Ironpython editor in Rhino 5 (SR 10):

import sys
print sys.version_info

I get (2, 7, 0, ‘beta’, 0) back.

Is there a chance that this old ironpython version gets updated in Rhino through a SR soon? I needed to install 2.7.3 manually in order to run my scripts successfully. This becomes a problem as soon as I want to compile and share my script with other users.

@stevebaer, @brian Any updates on this one?


(Steve Baer) #9

I doubt we will do this in a V5 service release. It is a pretty significant change and we are trying to not add things to service releases that could potentially break existing functionality.



I just updated to IronPython version If I use EditPythonScript Rhino crashes! Is there a workaround other than using an older version of IronPython?


(Steve Baer) #11

Not that we know of at the moment. Sorry


How do you update manualy to the latest IronPhyton version
thank you

(Giulio Piacentino) #13

@claudioarchi In Rhino WIP we updated versions for you. So you won’t need to deal with sudden crashes due to file inconsistency.


Thank you, But for a reason that I ignore, I was using HoneyBee and LadyBug pluings for GH and they did work properly in RH-5 but not on RH-6. I donwloaded the lastest version of IronPhyton (2.7.6) and now the plugin does work properly on RH-6


(Giulio Piacentino) #15

@claudioarchi Yes, independent installs of IronPython interfere with the version that is loaded by Rhino. Generally speaking, you will not need to install any of them.