IronPython is 2.7, will I be able to update for Python 3.4?

Hi guys, I’m an old time Rhino user since it was a public beta.
I noticed that Rhino is using IronPython 2.7. Unfortunately, I recently finished up a Python 3.x instruction so I’m wondering if there is a way to update IronPython separately, if not will I have to start learning Python 2…x vs. 3.x differences.

Hi Stephan

there is no 1-click or easy method to update to the next version of Python. And yes, there are quite some differences between the two. Rhino uses 2.7 because that was the only available version when Rhino 5 was shipping, and I think still a few steps are still missing before IP3 is released.

I think the best idea is to write forward-compatible code today. Here is how*. Also, IronPython already supports strings better than CPython 2.7, and from __future__ import division is already the default in Rhino’s editor.

I hope this helps,


Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

*The difference is really not that large.

Hi Giulio - is IronPython 2.7 installing with Rhino 5 automatically these days? Or is it still required to download IronPython separately? Thanks.


This is installed automatically in Rhino 5 for Windows. This is still a separate download in Rhino for Mac.

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I really doubt you are going to have problems understanding the 2.7 syntax if you have taken a course on 3.x

Thanks Steve!