Iris plugin time extension release is needed again

The iris plugin needs a new time extension release
thanks in advance.

Iris has been updated. Installers on f4r and on yak.


So I downloaded the latest IRIS installer and it appeared to install IRIS for Rhino 5,6,7 but when I open a new Rhino6 window I get the same ‘unable to load’ message and a window that tells me I need to go to Food for Rhino and get the latest update. I did so via tha window once again and still it will not load. What is up Luis?

I’ve just tested the install of what is currently on food4rhino and the PackageManger, and Iris is loading and exporting models. My suggestion is to clear out any previous installations of Iris and install via the _PackageManager command (for Rhino 7, _TestPackageManager for Rhino 6, not available in Rhino 5).

Thanks for your alert.