Urgent: publishing 3d-content to the web, iris dead?

need to publish a rhino 3dm for a customer ASAP.
iris quit to work! i tried to uninstall and reinstall, which did not work.
there seemed to be some problems with iris some time ago:
was this fixed?

www.food4rhino is under maintenance and wont let me download a newer version.
are there any alternatives for iris?


Maybe this:

or this:

(I personally never tried)

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You can install via the package manager (_PackageManager command in Rhino 7 or _TestPackageManager in Rhino 6). Just tested a clean install and Iris loads and exports models.

thanks a lot, both work fine in their special manner!
for safety reasons i prefer uploading to my own server and therefore using iris but its nice to have this alternative for simple cases …

thanks luis! worked fine …

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Hi, a little late to the party here but you could also try https://at.studio - it’s a free web publishing platform to share Rhino model with collaborative online studio spaces.

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thanks to you too, gwyll !

still wondering if there are other plugins besides iris that allow uploading to my own server (in terms of customer safety)

also, i am still looking for a software that allows publishing advanced interactive 3d content by creating my own interface for turning objects on and off, create camera and object animation, switching textures, etc. (without html or other coding skills)
some years ago i used wirefusion to integrate many such models into my websites. they are still there, but can´t be seen anymore unless you “outsmart” java-blocking in the browser: