iRhino 3D. What's it for?

So I just got the new iRhino 3d app downloaded and I have an immediate question…

How did you guys intend this app to be used and by who? I was hoping it would be a tool that could be used by non-rhino users (civilians) to be able to easily and quickly check out a 3d model (ie, clients or carpenters in the field). Navigating perspective view via touch works flawlessly but beyond that I don’t think I can expect anyone unfamiliar with Rhino to use this. I am going to explain how I want to use the app and why it isn’t going to work for me in its current state in another thread. But I would be happy to elaborate here if asked.

it’s a simple viewer and markup tool at the moment.

Room scan has recently been added as has save support which will allow you to scan a room and save it to rhino.

more features to come as it matures and we gather data from users about their needs. Feel free to elaborate here as we watch these threads closely.

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This is exactly what we are trying to learn from users. Discussions about this very topic here on discourse helps us figure out where to go with regards to developing the app.

New thread I started

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Just recently installed IRhino on my iPhone and I’m loving it and see huge potential. I’m a remote worker for a local civil engineering firm. My background is residential construction, residential electrical (C-10 for a few years), high school teacher of autocad lt and rhino for 16 years, and now semi retired drawing construction plans. Due to California’s ever increasing costly requirements for new home construction and a lack of suitable building sites in our rural location I get mostly remodel work. I spend a lot of time measuring and documenting with notes and photos the existing structure so that the as-built plans can be developed first before the remodel design can be shown. The scan a room feature is going to be huge!

I scanned my little 1100 sf home the other day for practice and have a few comments:
It struggles in small rooms; need to be able to change camera zoom within scan
It didn’t follow my living room vaulted ceiling, just carried the 8’ plate line across

I was blown away by the continuity from room to room, wasn’t expecting that!

My wishlist would be the ability to do a building scan for outside elevations. I haven’t tried room scan outside yet to see what it would do.

So fun and amazing to see how this tech is advancing. I remember ordering a sample version of Facade years ago for trying with autocad 9. Never dreamed we’d be where we are today!


Hi Mark,

I’m glad you’re finding the app useful in your work.

That feature is using Apple’s RoomPlan API, we don’t have much control over the quality of scans or the scanning experience in general. As the name suggests, it is limited to scanning indoors.
We take the output from RoomPlan and convert it to Rhino geometry and do some further processing to assign them to layers, add dimensions, etc.