Personal Messages needs some tools

Keepin track of the personal messages are not easy here.
Could you please add:

1- Names of the participants on the message lists
2- Keep the messages and the posts in different lists when we click the "talk buble"
3- When clicking a user name and choose “personal message” list the previous chats, so we don’t have to start a new one each time


I am not really sure what you mean by some of these?

Can you show a screenshot or mark it up to illustrate?

1- Who are these chats with? I would like to see that.

2- It would be great if I could filter the stuff here to only see the chats:



Oh I definitely see what you mean on the PMs now! :smiley:

I also think I understand what you mean by point #3 above, but that seems a bit specialized.

Good news! This is now in, and you should have it here within 24 hours.

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Fabulous! I look forward to that.
In the future I think it would be great to have the ability to see the PM threads when I click on a user.

Example: If I click on you I can choose Private Message, but it does not show the private messages “threads” we allready have started. (In our example it is only this one), but still it would be great if i could choose “continue Private Message”.

Cheers, and thanks for the great tool and that you continue to make it an even better tool!

And here, when I click on you and click on Private Message, it would be great if I could have a pull down menu and choose one of our existing Private Message threads.

I definitely want to display a bit more context of your previous interactions with this user when you view their user card, not just in PMs but elsewhere as well! It is a good idea, may take us a little time to get to.

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Nice, and I am happy as long as it is on the radar!

And I would also like to vote for a “thumbs up” icon instead of a “heart” as I think that will be easier to click for a lot of guys. Personally I relate much more to that.