Rhino Licence email

I am experiencing problems with getting my Rhino V7 licence back.
I am part of a group of licenses, and I am told that I was sent the invitation to the group pool, but I have not got the email and I can’t access Rhino without it.
I was previously in a different group and my access worked fine, due to internal reasons they decided to make me and a few colleagues part of a different pool. All of my colleagues have got their invitation but mine is M.I.A.

This is affecting Rhino.inside.revit but essentially its a Rhino problem.

Is there some reason why I would not be getting the license invitation?
I asked IT to check and there is no email coming and being blocked at the entry point or anything, so I don’t know how to resolve this issue. The person managing the group assures me she has sent the invitation (twice) and I am not receiving it.

Hi Craig -

Solving licensing issues involves the exchange of sensitive information and a public forum isn’t the place for this. Please contact tech@mcneel.com directly or use the chat function on the website.

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