Invisible/undeletable shape blocking light in render

I have a blue point light source, that I want to shine onto my model. The issue is, there appears to be a sphere right in the way that I can’t find or select to delete. See two attached screen shots.

One is the perspective viewport in shaded mode. You can see my structure and the blue point light source, nothing else.

The second picture shows the rendered results. There is a sphere in the way that I can’t see or select or delete?!

If I drag select around the light and the open space in the model, the only thing that gets selected is the light source, nothing else.

I was able to get rid of it by going back to my orignal CATIA model that I started from, and deleted everything in that area (although there was nothing there that looked like that spehre). Then convereted to step file and then import to rhino. Now the hidden object is no longer there.