All of a sudden a spotlight appeared that I cant get rid of

I was working with My Rhino 5, and with out me do anything with lights, a spot light appeared.

When I closed Rhino and opened up a new rhino File I still have the unwanted light. I tried the command SelLight, but it returns “no objects found”

How can I get rid of this harsh spotlight? Thanks.

that’s the default light… it’ll disappear if you place a new light in the scene,.

Kyle thanks for the reply, This condition of the one harsh light is in the shaded viewport . I tried adding a new light that does show up in the rendered view port. but that had no effect on the fixing the problem with my shaded view port ?

play with your lighting style for shaded mode- You can use scene lighting if you want to see the lights you have set up.

fwiw, I use custom lighting for my shaded mode then use scene lighting for my rendered mode, that gives you some nice clean options for viewing rhino while modeling, and gives you a decent look at your light set up in rendered mode.

Thanks again kyle, I found when I reset my ambient color to back , which was where it was original, the problem went away. Some kind of glitch I guess.