Rhino license key not sent… please help

Hi, I bought rhino earlier today and received a confirmation email saying that my receipt, license key and product download link would be sent in seperate email. I haven’t received that yet and I have triple checked my spam folder. Is there anything I can do to access it? Any advise would be much appreciated, thank you!

Hi Ella,
Contact sales@mcneel.com by email and they will have a look.

Thank you!! I’ll email them now

Hi @Ella3

I Hope you are aware that a new version of Rhino is just around the corner…?
We don’t know when exactly, but it feels like a few weeks away… possibly up to a couple of months…

If you could wait a little…?

Some people can’t, for example students who have already used up their 90 day eval period and need a Rhino license now for their class work.

Yes it’s reasonable for students.

I just wanted to make sure she knows the expected timeline for R8. and make her decision with that in account, I hope she was being informed by the sale team, or knew beforehand and my comments were redundant.

Thank you, I didn’t know that however I do have an assignment due in 2 weeks so I unfortunately cannot wait. But I do appreciated you’re reply.

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