Problemi ad installare Weaverbird

Ciao Giulio sto provando ad installare WB su rhino7 ma non sono riuscito neanche con questo metodo. (su RH6 invece mi funziona) grazie

Ciao @waltergiov

  • il computer è connesso ad internet?
  • hai un firewall che blocca l’accesso ad internet di Rhino? Se è così, prova a permettere l’accesso.



Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

purtroppo non va neanche cn firewall disabilitato

Maybe @will, the developer of the Package Manager, can help here. The user gets a message: “Impossible to connect to the remote server”. He disabled the firewall to no avail.

@waltergiov the fact that it works in Rhino 6, but not in Rhino 7 is very strange! A couple of things to try…

  • Are you able to open in a browser?
  • Can you try running this command in a cmd.exe console?
    "C:\Program Files\Rhino 7\System\Yak.exe" install weaverbird

Hi @will Will, tnx @piac

  • This is what i see in my browser (HELLO WORLD!)

  • “C:\Program Files\Rhino 7\System\Yak.exe”
    there is the Yak file, i run it as Admin. but it doesn’t work


Start cmd.exe from the Start menu.

Paste the whole command (including install weaverbird) into the console and hit Enter.

You should see something like this…

Since your computer can access the server and it works in Rhino 6, I’m confused as to why it doesn’t work from Rhino 7. The test I describe above will attempt to install weaverbird using the package manager outside of Rhino. Knowing if this works or not will help to narrow down the cause of the issue.

I show you the difference between gh_rh6 and gh_rh7. it miss WB and some other plug-in.

@waltergiov manca uno spazio tra Yak.exe" install, puoi provare scrivendo allo stesso modo di Will?

YEEAH .Now it work! yak4_r7 ok|690x347
tnx for your time

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