Intersection spatial snapping


Just curious about one utility that has been in Rhino as long as I can remember. The “Intersection” snapping utility.

Why does the mouse snap to what it calls an intersection when there is no actual geometrical intersection, only an apparent intersection as seen through the viewport?

It seems obvious that we should be able to snap to actual intersections (e.g. two coplanar lines crossing), which is true.

Additionally, there may be practical modeling uses for these phantom “intersections,” so it’s good that Rhino has this capability. BUT don’t you think that these two should be able to be toggled independently? They are categorically different conditions, and merit distinction in the snapping checkbox area…no?

This would be enormously helpful if I’m viewing a complex 3d model and trying to do operations and snap to specific places (“near,” “intersection,” “end”) in space. Since the model is so complex, it’s often very hard to get the snap I want if I have all of these phantom perceptual intersections interfering with the few basic actual intersections that I’m trying to use.

You can set this in the options:

makes sense! thanks. can’t believe i’ve never noticed this little guy.