Intersection Problem in Rhino 6

V6 can’t/doesn’t find an intersection between these two parts. They were created in V6. One surface is a fillet and the other is an Extrude Tapered surface from a simple curve. V5 and V4 both work as expected on these surfaces.

Somewhat off topic, I’m finding the object snaps in V6 don’t work as well as they did previously. Often, when working in a shaded view port, I can’t snap at the point I’m looking for. If I turn off shading and work in wire frame, it works normally. Any thoughts?


NoIntersection.3dm (102.4 KB)

Hello - yes, I see that here as well - for now, use ExtendSrf and pull the lower edge of the cylindrical surface down a bit (Type=Smooth) Intersect, CopyToClipboard the result, Undo the Intersect and the Extend and then Paste the curves back in. I’ll get this on the pile for the developer to look at, thanks for sending it in.

! _ExtendSrf _Pause _Pause _Intersect _Pause _SelNone _SelLast _CopyToClipboard _Undo _Undo _Paste


Thanks for the reply, especially on a Saturday. Any thoughts on the object snap snaps as per above?


Hello - oh yeah, sorry - for the snapping - you can tune the behavior in Options > Modeling aids > Snap to occluded objects.