Edge intersection detection between objects?

Hi. I have a feature request.

I would like to see in Rhino7 an intersection detection or a better inferencing system which will be very useful and will make my work much faster. Basically if I want to begin to draw or move a geometry, lets say a line to the edge that represent the intersection of the two cubes, Rhino6 is unable to recognise this intersection. This is a basic feature in SketchUp and will be great to have something similar also in Rhino. To do this kind of intersection detection in Rhino6 require unnecessary time consuming extra steps.

Intersection_detection.3dm (47.6 KB)

Hello - the ‘Technical’ based display modes like Technical and Pen can show these. If you are looking for the precise curves in place, use Intersect with History turned on.


You don’t understand the question. The problem it is not to show, it is to use. You can’t use the intersecting edges as reference for a starting line par example. Please download the attached .3dm file and try to draw a line from the red edges marked on the photo. You can’t because Rhino it is not detecting this. You can draw a line from a corner or from an edge but not from an intersecting edge between geometries. Hopefully makes sense what I am saying!


Thank you for the tip. I do know the Intersect command, but it is an unnecessary step! Would be much easier if Rhino will be able to detect the intersecting edges automatically. Will save quite a lot of time and will make the workflow faster and easier. It is such a small thing that is missing!

Actually I do use quite a lot the Intersect command exactly for this reason! Oh, by the way, after drawing the desired shape, I do need to delete the geometry resulted after using the Intersect command. Another unnecessary and frustrating extra step in my workflow! In SketchUp you just draw a line from the edge of any intersecting geometries. Dead simple, dead effective!

I think this would be an interesting addition to Rhino’s snap functionality. Especially since technical mode shows the intersections already, it is wierd you can’t snap to those edges