Problem intersecting, projecting, sectioning and trimming

I am well into my design and suddenly unable to project a line onto the curved surface of a hull (section won’t work either). I am also unable to determine the intersection of a horizontal plane intersecting the same surface, and even a cylinder protruding through one side of the hull, a single closed surface won’t trim. Going nuts here! I have tried fiddling with the CPlane, to no avail. I would really appreciate a rhino guru out there saving my sanity. Using Rhino 3 (sorry - will upgrade shortly). - Gustav.gbs.3dm (508.5 KB)

Hi Gustav,

I dont know quite what the problem is… In rhino 5 SR12 the intersecting and section tools work just fine on the model you sent. What I did was spot for naked edges and joined them and used the intersect command with no issue! also the cylinder intersects just fine!

Maybe upgrading to the newest version of rhino might help!?


/\ Matthijs

Thats an idea! I’ll check the edges and give it another try. Thanks Matthijs.