Surface intersection failed (Rhino6)

I know this is recurring problem but maybe each case has different solution. I have two surfaces that seem to intersect perfectly fine but I can’t trim the green with the red

if i try to get intersection line, the line is discontinued somewhere in the middle. Please see attachment. Any help will be much appreciated!

splitFail.3dm (321.9 KB)

Yeah, that is often true - please always send these in - thanks.


Does this mean I can expect a fix in 6.4 or 6.5?
I hope it’s not 7.0

Hi Will - It won’t be 6.4, best case it might be 6.5 at this point, I guess, since we are getting very close to 6.4 but since it is not fixed yet, I don’t want to make wild guesses - I have no idea what that dependency really means.