Intersection of surfaces not working

Hallo, I want to make a paramatric section on a shipshull, but for some reason this doesn’t work.
What am I doing wrong? (8.9 KB) probeersels.3dm (264.5 KB)

You’ll need a surface that exceed the whole object boundary. (91.9 KB)

Hallo Kim,

Thank you for your quick reply.
I have 3 questions.

  1. what exactly is the “m2 area” component doing.
  2. in your example I made a connection directly from the extrude curve to the plane through shape, and it works. But is this the right way to do?
  3. Rhino and Grasshopper are great tools to work with, but with Grasshopper it often takes a lot of time to find out how a certain component works, and/or why it works the way it does. For example this one. Is there a way to understand these things better, or is it just doing a lot?
    probeersels (89.8 KB)

It’s OK that connecting surface directly fr Extrude Along to “P” input of Plane Through Shape.
Some inputs of GH can convert datatype automatically in this case surface to plane.
I used Areato place XY Plane for Brep/Plane, and it can be used for Plane Through Shapeeither.

It doesn’t take much time to learn the basics of GH. There are a lot of tutorials and references that you can refer to.
However, being a higher level of user requires a different level of knowledge. Especially if you’re good at using Rhino, the improvement in your skills will be much faster because GH relies on Rhino, so, maybe you need the knowledge of Nurbs or Mesh geometry. And to become a top-level user, maybe you’ll need RhinoCommon and scripting knowledge. This whole process is not easy, and of course, it takes time. Therefore, repetition of trial and error is an essential process for learning IMO…