Rh/Gh Crash on Brep/Plane intersection!

I am on Rhino 6 SR30.
This is a bit random and I can’t repro following the same steps every time. I extrude some curves, then intersect the resulting surfaces with some planes, sometimes whats happening in the image occurs. Some surfaces just don’t get intersected with just “intersection failed” message.

And then other times Rhino and grasshopper just crash without even showing the crash window for sending a report.

i internalized some of the data from the file I was working on.

All I can say for a repro is try multiple times disconnecting and connecting the wire from “Extruded result” to follow the red sketched arrows.

bug.gh (34.8 KB)

Not a bug

BrepPlane.gh (28.5 KB)

@aquintana thank you for trying the file, but sadly you are not solving the problem.

And it is indeed a bug. Anything that causes Rhino to crash randomly whenever I am recomputing my solution, would be labeled as a bug.

In your trial:

  • Moving the planes closer should not have an effect, as they are Planes.
  • Selecting planes till the end of the geometry should not matter, you will just get “intersection failed” error for the planes that don’t intersect with anything, but that shouldn’t stop the operation where ones intersect from outputting the intersection curve. (Notice the empty gaps in my image above)
  • And last thing, I did mean to reparametrize the surfaces before intersecting but you removed that.

Here is a gif showing the crash, one happened too soon and another took a while before it happened.
In my main definition, I don’t have to keep switching like am doing here.

@DavidRutten any idea what might be the cause?

You can enable the user mode dump and go through the file to what results in the crash.

Not yet, I’ll need to crash it myself to see what I can learn from it. And yes, every crash is a bug of one type or another.

Thank you @David . Also i am sorry for this shameless plug but since I got you here, may you please have a look at this too Move To Plane problem when moving planes . tl;dr can we have planes with a degenerate bboxes instead of the current bbox?