Interruption of active view

I have a i7 4ghz + 16GB ram, Evga GTX-740 SC 4GB GDDR5 Graphic driver on my computer. Rhino5 runing very smooth and well with this computer. but Rhino6 is not well, specialy when I looking the model around in active view.
I just captured video, it show Interruption of active view Rhino6 & Rhino5

How can I solve this problem?

Youtube Video Link

thank you.

That looks like dynamic redraw kicking in, i.e. target minimum FPS isn’t achieved. When that happens simplified scene is drawn in gradual steps.

Set the target FPS to a lower number, default is 5:


(Or set to a much higher number like 5000, to see what happens if the miss is even larger - you should see bounding boxes instead isos)

Hello - what is the display mode - Shaded?


It`s display mode is shaded.

(Rhino 6) I set “Dynamic redraw = 15” then bounding boxes gone. also I tested the Rhino6 with GTX1070 graphic card same issue if “dynamic redraw = 15” then up.

(Rhino5) working well if “Dynamic redraw = 15 to 120 and up” with GT740 and GTX1070 Graphic card. with any mode, shaded, rendered, ghosted etc…

I can work with Rhino6 “Dynamic redraw = 15” but something in Rhino6,

I uploaded another video below.

Rhino6 - “Dynamic Redraw = 15”