Interruption of active view



I have a i7 4ghz + 16GB ram, Evga GTX-740 SC 4GB GDDR5 Graphic driver on my computer. Rhino5 runing very smooth and well with this computer. but Rhino6 is not well, specialy when I looking the model around in active view.
I just captured video, it show Interruption of active view Rhino6 & Rhino5

How can I solve this problem?

Youtube Video Link

thank you.

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #2

That looks like dynamic redraw kicking in, i.e. target minimum FPS isn’t achieved. When that happens simplified scene is drawn in gradual steps.

Set the target FPS to a lower number, default is 5:


(Or set to a much higher number like 5000, to see what happens if the miss is even larger - you should see bounding boxes instead isos)

(Pascal Golay) #3

Hello - what is the display mode - Shaded?



It`s display mode is shaded.

(Rhino 6) I set “Dynamic redraw = 15” then bounding boxes gone. also I tested the Rhino6 with GTX1070 graphic card same issue if “dynamic redraw = 15” then up.

(Rhino5) working well if “Dynamic redraw = 15 to 120 and up” with GT740 and GTX1070 Graphic card. with any mode, shaded, rendered, ghosted etc…

I can work with Rhino6 “Dynamic redraw = 15” but something in Rhino6,

I uploaded another video below.

Rhino6 - “Dynamic Redraw = 15”