InterpcrvOnSrf history on by default? This command is buggy

This command is giving me some unexpected results. Are the following issues supposed to be like that? Seems pretty buggy to me.

  • When I use the InterpcrvOnSrf command to draw on a surface, it enables history on that curve even though Record History is not activated. Is it supposed to do this and is there no way to turn this off?

  • When I draw several curves on a polysurface and use those curves to try and trim the polysurface one-by-one I get this error for each curve I drew and try to trim with
    When I try historypurge on the curves It says “Purge history from objects” but when I try trimming again with those curves I get the same error saying the trim command broke history.

  • To show the problems I’m having I drew a sphere and used the InterpcrvOnSrf command to draw some curves.

    Now, look what happens to that curve on the right (the same on the left but less visible in this image) when I trim the sphere using the middle curve

Hello - I see that, thanks.


RH-56938 is fixed in the latest WIP

RH-56936 is fixed in the latest WIP