Can History Please Be Disabled On BlendSrf?

Can we please have a way to disable history recording for BlendSrf? History updating doesn’t work 90% of the time and leads to really wacky behavior.


This is nothing new about BlendSrf. This is the way it’s been since V6 release. There are a dozen YT describing this issue. My question is if it can’t be fixed, can we just turn it off?

BlendSrfHistory.PleaseDisable.3dm (350.4 KB)

run HistoryPurge and pick your blend surface. >poof< history gone

I have it set up on a hotkey

fwiw, can you send us these surfaces? IMO this should not fail like you are showing. I’d like to buggify it and get it in front of our devs.

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The only reason it can’t be fixed is that McNeel won’t allocate resources to do it.

It’s one of the core things that should just work for fast design iterations, so it’s really sad to see it so neglected in Rhino (yes, I’ve encountered this too, many times but I have at least one thing supposedly fixed for Rhino 8).

But they are doing constraints for Rhino 8 so maybe a history overhaul could be something for Rhino 9 or 10?

Okay, I figured it out. Prepend with %:


I’m in the habit of breaking history on blends as soon as I make them, but every time I’m interrupted and forget, I spend a full 10 seconds watching something like _NetworkSrf beat itself to death trying to use a collapsed point for an edge.

Also, HistoryPurge is a lil’ dangerous for me to have on a button (there’s no undo). My version is:

_History _Lock=No _Enter
_Rotate Copy=No 0 45
_Rotate 0 -45
_History _Lock=Yes _Enter

It works for everything except like MatchSrf, which I’ll type out HistoryPurge for.

The file was included in the OP, but I can promise the devs are aware, and similar examples are included on multiple blend YTs.

I’m guessing the replay issue is a really tough problem that needs to be fixed by a certain resource that hasn’t had time to address it.

I recognize you from the VSR end-of-life thread. I know McNeel wants to make the form-finding experience better, so hopefully, we are not waiting for Rhino 10. This was something I used to do with VSR until my license stopped validating earlier this year.