Making "ArrayCrvOnSrf" work with "Record History" again

Hi everybody,

This is something that has existed in the earlier builds of Rhino 4.
on the later builds it did not work anymore. I am sure it worked as I’ve used it a lot.

I think it should be back as it was an important tool.
for example:

Using the ArrayCrvOnSrf command while recording history to array that “r” piped shape on that curve on the surface, should have allowed us to change the piped shape and to see the changes taking place on all of those shapes on the surface.

for example, if we were to rotate that “r” shape by 180 degrees, we should have gotten this:

but as I said, this function is not working right now.

Best Regards,

Roy Zadok.

History seems to be working here, but @pascal the transform also seems to be broken. If you rotate the original by 90, it looks correct, but by 180 it’s not… I don’t remember what it’s using as an axis reference for the original to map to the “along curve” direction, looks like X. Never been very easy to use.


ArrayCrvOnSrf-History.3dm (910.3 KB)

Nice… I don’t know how I didn’t see that it works now,
I even tried before I posted but it didn’t work, maybe I forgot to press the “record history” button…
well… not sure but I’m happy it works now as I’m sure it didn’t work for a long time…

about the rotation, I guess I don’t see the problem you are talking about as my shape rotates nicely on the surface by 180.

array along curve on surface example2.3dm (236.5 KB)

Thanks :slight_smile: