Internet Explorer error appears when using MoveUVN V5

V5 MoveUVN IE and error on memory.
I was happily tweaking yet more N values with MoveUVN in V5 when the shaded view went wireframe and the image attached appeared.

OK it, and go to shaded and a few more clicks later same again.

whats going on ?

Didnt have this in V4 and did what felt like 1000’s.
I had two Firefox windows minimised but no IE open, I dont use Internet Explorer. !


Hi, Steve,

Do you have the Help window open? The Help uses IE, and this looks like a message that occurs with the Help. Did Rhino shut down or anything like that?

Hi, I did have the help window in V5 open, and yes having selected No on two IE panels that were there having gone back to Rhino after posting this, it then said Windows iis out of memmory and will close, Rhino made an emergency file.

Hope it is al ok. Not had this before in Rhino… there again I use V4.


Hmmm… I think the script error message and the out of memory were two different things. The script error message usually occurs when the installation of the Help is corrupted, your Flash application is not up-to-date, or your java is not up to date. You might try checking to see if these are all true.