Help video causes error in script on this page flash yet latest flash installed

I still cant runt the help videos , I get error with script on page appear.

yet I have latest adobe flash player installed.


What page, Steve?

Hi, this one, pic attached.

having closed the warning I was then unable to alter views from bottom to top or front to back.
had to close Rhino and reopen a new one, test that, ok then open the work one and success.


Hi @Steve1,

The problem may be caused by a security update for FlashPlayer. It does not happen on every computer. I have never figured out which update causes the problem. Here’s the solution:

Open this folder on your computer and delete the Help folder in it.

When Rhino 5 can’t find the local help files, it will load the help files from the Internet.

does this mean that the little video that plays within the tabbed help page within rhino will cease to do so, and instead when I have thet help tab selected and I run a command the internet will launch and I have to watch that instead on a separate internet window filling my screen ?

or does it mean it will load the help files back into that help tab and I can proceed to view as before and as for many years before ?

To have an internet page appear every time I run a command is not good.

I rely upon seeing what the command does in that little video within the rhino interface.


This is how it will do.

Found that address after using find rhinoceros on c drive.
deleted help folder, after shutting down rhino v5 first.
relaunch rhino and hey presto videos are back, though within a film strip icon, not seen that before, so appears a bit smaller. There is a maximise option that plays it fill width help panel though that removes the wording under the video, but as long as I see something thats better than before. Someone has redesigned how it appears. Prior this it was a bit bigger less the film edge holes.


The old version uses flash swf. The new version uses mp4.
The video size in both versions has no difference, 200x200.
The film strip is not part of the video. It’s the background image that can be easily removed.

Dear KelvinC of McNeel,

First and foremost thank you for the above information.
I followed the instructions and it works but one problem It only shows help files when I’m connected to the internet.

How can I get the help to work the original way without the use of a wifi signal or internet connection.


I’m sorry. We can not modify Rhino 5 to display local help topics with mp4 video clips, but this is possible in Rhino 6.

Rhino 6 users can download and install the offline help from (at the lower-right section).