Fresh Demo Install, Help causes script errors

Pretty much what the topic says; I’ve just downloaded and installed Rhino as a trial and imported my model to start learning the interface.

First thing I needed to do was rotate it. I tabbed over to Transform, clicked the rotate icon, and a window pops up saying "Script Error"
Line 76, Char 43 Expected ')'
Do I want to continue running scripts y/n?

It seems to want to give errors for a lot of other commands as well, scale, etc.

I just figured out that it’s because the help is auto-updating but shouldn’t I be able to use the help without having to click through that error for every single page?

Hi Jon,

At a guess, I think this might be due to needing Flash on your machine to run the video snippets in the Help. Can you check if you have Flash? A screenshot of the error would be good to have too if you can.