Script Error Message

Why, when using the WebBrowser command in my Rhino 5, do I keep getting this?
Close and reopen Rhino, same result.
rhino problem
The dialogue box will not close and the program is frozen.

Hi Hugo -

An issue with IE11 emulation was fixed in Rhino 6.17 (RH-53549).

In testing a few sites with Rhino 5, it looks like different sites have different amounts of these errors, but when I kept on clicking Yes, the page would load eventually. Don’t expect current web pages to ever be shown correctly in the Rhino 5 WebBrowser, though.

Thank you for the response and the information. I will use my rhino 7 licence instead. I keep using 5 because I have an orca3d licence.
Pardon my ignorance, but why should I not expect current web pages to show correctly? The rhino home page loads properly, and I used to use the web browser successfully before I bought a rhino 7 licence.

Hi Hugo -

Web technology has changed quite a bit since the days of Internet Explorer.
Many pages will not play nice in that environment. But, yes, if it works, it works.