Internal camera

No… Not a colonoscopy, but close.

From time to time I move the camera inside a model to have a look at details, possible clashes and rogue faces etc. Is there a way to easily look at a point and and rotate the camera inside the volume of a model? When I say is there, I mean would it be something that you guys could set up as an option?

I find I’m using it more and more - I guess some kind of collision detection? It’s easy to do in a large room or a building but not easy to do within the wall of something that’s 3mm thick:


Hi Andy - I guess

-_ViewportProperties _CameraTarget _Pause _Pause Enter

Will let you get in there, then RotateCamera to look around.


Hotheys to look around = Ctrl-Alt + RMB

Thanks Pascal,

I’ll have to keep using camera target and mooch around until I see what I need to. I guess what I wanted was some way to miniaturise the camera so in essence when i’m inside something with a thin wall it treats the scale as if i was in a large room.

I know it seems like a big deal for something trivial, extracting surfaces to take a look sometimes defeats the purpose and using something like wireframe on a complex model with angled walls is tricky.



Thanks Holo,

That works in a room but not at the scale I would need, it’s too unruly. I use hot keys shft ctrl alt etc with my wacom.



Hi Andy - doesn’t setting both the camera and target points allow you to look right at what you want to from where you want to?


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It does - It’s been a long day… Sorry.

hi what is the equilivent for Mac? Thank you