RotateCamera speed (lookaround) - possible tweak?


Hi @Pascal,

We have been running into this rotation problems every now and then but could not pinpoint or understand the behavior. I think I got it now and will try to explain:

When rotating with Ctrl+Alt+RMB, the perceived “speed” depends on the lens length (wider lens=slower speed).
This becomes an issue when working with zoomed-in cameras. At some point the pan becomes unusable because it is way too fast.

You can test it out in the attached file. Try Ctrl+Alt+RMB rotation - you will see a big difference between V1 and V3.
Pan_speed_sample.3dm (76.6 KB)

The constant speed would be much better/desired behavior and would feel most natural. It seems like “under the hood”, the camera rotation angle could be screen-movement-dependent, and not global, if it makes sense.
Imagine that the rotation angle is driven by the pixel distance on the screen, and not constant angle-per-pixel…

@Mikko - is that something you can comment on?



(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Jarek - Yeah… I get you - I’ll make a bug track item so that it gets on someone’s list - it may be Mikko’s.




Hi Pascal,

Thanks, don’t see the YT item, but if it is of any help, I made a quick test of the camera rotation based on screen-space mouse movement, so the speed is not dependent on the lens. Would be great if Ctrl+Alt+RMB behaved like this.
It shows well with the above test file and various lens lengths.

LensIndependentConstantSpeedCameraRotation.rvb (793 Bytes)



hi @Pascal, thanks for adding this to the pile!
If not too much trouble would could you make it public on YT?


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Yep - done - shout if I mis-represented…