Interior Floor PLanView with furniture

I can’t find a view mode that will generate proper simple outline drawings of furniture in a floor plan.
Though only silhouettes are chosen and visible in the view mode used to generate them, the PlanViews include surface edges and the furniture shows its triangulated mesh construction…

Attach screenshots and files , that’s how u get help.

I’ve received fine help on this and other forums through the power of words alone when they’re enough , but thanks for the suggestion. Maybe these images will be helpful in this case.

Model View (it’s not very good either) the armchair on the upper right is really the only element being drawn correctly.:

PLanView (there are more complex decorative objects which render with a far worse spiderweb, but this shows the problem where the desired outcome is I hope clear.)


@djhg I think those objects (the chairs or the table) are created from not so good quality meshes. You can try to “clean” them with the Weld command.
Alternatively you could use Furniture objects to replace them in 3D and Plan views. You just need to create a block from that table, and assign it to a new Furniture style. You can also asign a 2D block (as simple or detailed as you wish) for the 2D representation of that table in plan views. And do the same for the chairs.