Creating line drawing floor plans with outlines of furniture

I can’t find a view mode that will generate proper simple outline drawings of mesh furniture in a floor plan. (I’ve posted a similair threasd in the Va forum because I can’t get a suitable plan with it either.)

When only silhouettes are checked for a view mode (though this does not eliminate all surface edge display) in the view mode used to generate them, the Make2Ds include every surface edge on the same layers as the silhouettes, so the furniture shows its triangulated mesh construction and this cannot be managed by layer visibility.

To illustrate:

Not that the model view is perfect either, but this is it: IT’ll be tempeting to discuss using the model view for these dimensioned drawings, but that’s impossible because dimensions aren’t stable with blocks, and there are many in this scene.

The Make2D is faithful to every edge, and they’re all on the same layers as the outlines. THere are more decorative objects which maike 2D draws with even more unwanted facets, but these simple examples show the problem.: