Interface-Differences Mac-Windows - please unify them!

Dear Mc-Neel Team

Sorry to tell, but i really don’t understand why there are so many, also very tiny, hidden differences in the GUI between Mac and Windows.
At the moment i am teaching Rhino in four seminars at two universities and some students use the Windows-Version, some use the Mac-Version.
I am switching a lot between the two versions / operating systems, but it is horrible.

Many workflows I have to show twice - and I have to teach with a Dual Mac-Windows setting.
Which is getting worse with Rhino 6, that would need OpenGL Version 4 support - that is not supported by virtual machines.

Some Aspekts that really annoy me a lot:

  • Temporary / one-shot object-Snap on Mac will hide the Project-Option / Radio-Botton
  • why isn 't there the shift-klick workflow for this that is really great on the PC-Side ?
  • Same Option, different description - for example the right-mouse context menu of the layer-palette:
    • Windows: “Change Object-Layer”, Mac: “Move Object To Layer”
    • “Duplicate Layer and Objects” - missing on mac
  • Layout - completely different.
  • Preferences / Options / … completely different
  • commandline - totally different feeling …

Please - There should be a unique Rhino-Experience regardless of the Operating-System.

The topic is discussed at several other posts / places:
and for sure many more.

Thanks for any improvements in this direction.

Best from Zurich / Switzerland


Hi @Tom_

Putting aside different platform-specific philosophies, whenever I hear from an educator like yourself, I think the problems with our approach are thrown into a particularly harsh light. From a very broad perspective, we do not yet have a good solution to this problem as we evolve toward what you call:

[…] a unique Rhino-Experience regardless of the Operating-System.

That said, we are always working to minimize this pain. Before I begin asking more questions, it does seem that you are using Rhino 5 for Mac. Have you had time to test out the RhinoWIP for Mac? A few of your concerns are addressed there (we hope).

I would rather direct our attention there as we discuss this because that is where we are currently actively developing Rhino for Mac.